Tuesday 19 July 2011

Trewnia Jess

This blog is going to be the hardest to write, Jamie's old and best work bitch had to be put to sleep she was a wonderful dog that knew her job. We got Jess at 8 weeks old now she was a horror of a pup she cried for about 3 months!!!!!! She was a late bloomer who at 4 months amongst 2000 ewes and lambs at crutching time thought working sheep meant you pick up a lambs tail throw it up in the air and catch it again. We tried a few times to give her away but no one would take THANK GOD, then one day at about 9 months she went I am a work dog and she worked every day after that.
One day when Jamie was mustering at Mt Marlow with Jess they had about 2000 sheep strung out along a fence the lead had to be put through the gate so Jamie sent Jess to the lead(about 1km), Jess went and stopped just at the right point to put the sheep through now Jamie could not see her but she just knew what had to done. This was just one of many times the old girl would do things like this, you could leave her with 1000 steers point them in the direction they had to go and Jess would keep them going and leave any behind while you kept mustering the paddock.
However if you tried to sheepdog trial her she would look at you and say I don't think so!!!!!! She hated being told to do and nine times out of ten she was right. Jamie had a couple of goes trialing her but gave up as she just didn't like it, but she would never give up in the paddock where it counted.
We will miss her but she is in a better place now SEEYA OLD GIRL

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