Sunday 26 June 2011

Welcome to the First Blog of Bauers Working Border Collies

Welcome to our blog, I have started this blog after a few friends said they would love to hear what we get up too with our dogs.. We are  passionate about our Working Border Collies and have been working with them for over 15 years, at present we have 8 adult dogs and 8 youngsters our dogs are all pure Working Border Collies from both Top Australian & UK bloodlines. Our dogs are worked on cattle mostly but all are started on sheep to give them the best possible start, we never go into paddock without our dogs.

Bill has been Jamie's main work dog for the last 8 years, he can do everything that a work dog needs to do. From blocking 500 Brahman cows and there calf too handling light young lambs. We have made a hard decision this weaning to retire him, he has had many injuries over the years and they are now catching up with him.
Sonny is only a young dog but he proving to be a very talented dog, he is working everything from cows and calves to lambs.I am sure he will be a regular in the blog.

Rusty is a gold & white border collie, he has the best calming effect on cattle. He is the happiest up the lead of 500 cattle just letting them walk quietly.
Lucy is a half sister to my Sonny, she also has a wonderful stock sense and is hardly ever in the wrong place. She is only very young but is handling cattle work very well, she will be a great help in the paddock now Bill is retried.
Bella is one of our Imported dogs, she came to Australia in 2008. Bella is very quick on her feet and walks straight up on her stock. I have shown her weaner cattle once and was very pleased with what she did.
Mist was Imported from Wales in 2010, Mist is a little speed demon she is so quick and I have not found a sheep yet that will take her on!!
There are few more youngs to add butI will do this in my next post.