Sunday 16 September 2012

Farm Change

Some people do the Sea change, some people do the tree change well not us we have done a FARM CHANGE. Not long after my last blog we made a huge life changing decision, we have downsized, moved states from sunny Queensland to New South Wales and are now on a small Sheep,cattle and cropping farm.

 The little house on the hill

We arrived at Dunedoo mid April with the knowledge that weaning, shearing and planting NEEDED to done. The thought of this made me jump out of my skin and Jamie a little a sad. While he learnt about combines, spray rigs, groupers, arguers and repairing all the forementioned farming equipment. I got to do the stock work with my trusty dogs at my side Sonny and Nell, who up until this stage had only worked cows and calves and had only trained on a handful of sheep. We managed to do all the mustering and get all the sheep into the shed for shearing. Dipping, drenching and needling were also on the cards. At this point I found out that Sonny is a underdog not a backing dog, however after a few lessons he soon learned to back and is now a handy yard dog.   

All the while Farmer James was going round and round in circles.

 After we caught up on planting and stock work we finally got a chance to play with our youngsters Minnie, Tina and Ziggy all I can say we were happy. It had been a long wait to finally have these pups up and going from our Imported dogs Mist and Rees. All the work and expense has payed off and we couldn't be happier with the three young pups. Tina has gone to her new home leaving Minnie and Ziggy and at 10 months old both are working really well. They are starting to do small jobs around the farm, anything from moving small mobs of 300/400 sheep by themselves with little to no command too working in the yards.

Bauers Minnie
Bauers Ziggy

For a small farm we have a good variety of country from the bald hill in the middle of the farm to the flat farming country surrounded by undulating hills, to the scrubby hills along the northern boundary. Having the smaller sized paddocks means we are able to nearly stand at the gate and send the dogs around what ever stock is in that paddock, the hill is a different story it can be a little hairy riding the four wheeler up there.
I found this peaceful spot while checking the boundary fence.

Looking out from the shearing shed with oats and canola in the background.

The sea of yellow

The bird life is also very exciting with pairs of King Parrots enjoying the grain.

Our girls have enjoyed the move, with both of them training 7 days a weeks for cross country running and athletics. This hard work has paid off Jayde made it to state cross country and only just missing out making the NSW team by hundredths of a second. Both Jayde and Chris are off to the State Athletics carnival in October, they are both competing in the 800 meters.
Jayde at the NSW State Cross Country

Chris fighting hard to win the 800 meters at Regional she only just missed out.

I am sorry to all my readers that it has been so long between blogs however from now on I will be able to keep it more up to date.