Monday 4 July 2011

Old Memories and More Dogs

This weeks I took my girls plus a few dogs to visit my Mum & Dad, they live near a small town in Western QLD called Yaraka. Jamie and I have worked out that way for most of our married life, being out there brought back some lovely memories. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a young family and of course to train and work our dogs, our dogs would work from daylight to dark over shearing either in the yards or out mustering. At time there was 28 thousand sheep to shear this took about 8 weeks, this test both man & dog. I don't have any photos of shearing as this was before digital cameras I will try to scan some pictures to add  however I have found a photo of some sheep near a turkey nest and trough.
Working in these hard conditions really showed the ability of the working border collie, they had to be a mustering dog as well as work in yard all day. Old Bill would do this for weeks on end and never give up, it takes a very special dog to be able to do this.
Nell is my next prospect she is a AI pup from Kevin Evans Mirk out of MiMi, Nell is only 8 months old at this point in her training she is showing me everything I want from a work dog. She has great mob sense, good distance, plenty of force and is willing to please. She will definitely a regular once she starts her formal training.
Lass is a litter sister to my Nell, like her sister she has great stock sense, great distance and plenty of force. Jamie is very excited about her.
Sweep is another AI pup he is from Micheal Gallagher Cap out of a bitch who was imported into Australia in 2008. Sweep is a wonderful dog to have around, he has plenty of force and great coverage of his stock. He will play a big part in our breeding in the future.

MiMi is a beautiful dog she had a bad accident as a young dog and lost her front leg, since then she has become part of the family. She showed so much promise before losing her leg and even after losing her leg she still tries to work sheep & cattle.
I will going to a three sheep trial in early September so I better start getting the dogs ready, Sonny and Bella will be going and I will see what Nell is up too but I think she will be still too young. Stay tuned for updates on how they are going.

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